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    • Ika Rahmawati, Herni Shintiavira, dan M. Prama Yufdy

      Metode Pengujian Ketahanan Phalaenopsis Hasil Silangan F1 Terhadap Infeksi Erwinia Carotovora Subsp. Carotovora Secara In Vitro

      In Indonesia, Phalaenopsis were cultivated and developed conventionally so that the constraint to soft rot disease caused by Erwinia carotovora subsp carotovora could not be controlled yet using resistant cultivar due to lack of their genetic resources. Development of soft rot resistance Phalaenopsis genotypes requires established and reliable screening method for resistance against Erwinia carotovora subsp carotovora. The objectives of this study were (1) to evaluate
    • Ika Rahmawati, Herni Shintiavira, dan M. Prama Yufdy

      Studi Kasus Teknologi Budidaya Anggrek Dendrobium di Esties's Orchid, Depok-Jawa Barat

      Dendrobium is an orchid favored by consumers, farmer and grower due to varied-colors and shapes and interesting. As a horticulture superior product, the orchid is also developed by several orchid nurseries, such as Esties's orchid. Furthermore to obtain qualified-orchid products, effective and efficient agronomical technology has to be applied. Case study in Esties's orchid was aimed to explore and get information of agronomical technology applied in Esties's orchid.
    • Herni Shintiavira, Ika Rahmawati, dan M. Prama Yufdy

      Studi Kasus Teknologi Perbanyakan Anggrek Dendrobium secara In Vitro di Esties's Orchid, Depok, Jawa Barat

      Dendrobium is one orchid type that can grow well in low to medium land and easy to flower compared to other types of orchid. Dendrobium flowers are preferred by consumers due to often flowered with varied-colors and shapes and interesting. The flowers are frequently used in flower decoration due to long vase-life, flexible flower stalk with high productivity.Plant propagation commercially using in vitro culture in orchid expected can be used to obtain qualified-seedling